Monday, May 24, 2010


Lately im having trouble of sleeping. Too much late nights till morning is my sleeping time. its 6 am as im writing this and im trying hard to survive the day so i can sleep at night, like normal again.

yesterday was like heaven. I havent seen dawn in a very, very long time. even thought my dawn is kl view, but i reminds me why im so blessed to be alive. riding the bike with ayun, riding back to our place in the middle of the morning rush, even though we do not speak, but i felt the "romance"


i havent felt that in a very long time. I dont really feel the passionate love between me and ayun anymore. The feeling that we, or i felt before. The feeling where he brush his hand gently to mine can make me fall. But now, every touch is normal. every kiss is not special anymore. I guess in the long run coming to 7 years of relationship can dry things up.

He's been pretty close to a girl, which i have no idea who she is,all i have is her name and i viewed her photos in ayuns FB. i dont ask much as always. Is he trying to make me jealous? Am i jealous?

Do you watch Desperate Housewife?
There's a character in Desperate housewife. Lynette Scavo.Out of all the women in Desperate Housewife, i can relate to her the most. I see me as her. Working hard, working my best, trying to please everyone but me. Countless sacrifices to the husband so they could be happy. But she always not happy. Always not satisfied. Thats me.

Thats how i feel right now.

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