Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok i maybe overreacted about yesterday.
I admit the accident is partly my fault.
But it wasnt my intention to hit the car.
Who wants too,
Plus the lady is a bit retard too. opps.
sorry i said that but i still think she is

So today my plan is to claim insurance
grr. i have to go to the government clinic.
maybe i can get rm100?

whatever it is, i want to settle it

Maybe i can get some part time job *this is what i hate for the moment being. i dont want to work* or maybe sell some of my stuff.. wait.. what stuff do i have?
ok forget about it. i just wait for the moment to take its course

That everybody is not nice as they might have seen
The first time i hit a car it was an indian. I was so scared he might hit me but he's as sweet as he can be.Gentleman.
The seond was a chinese girl and i think she might have known that i was in a deep shit because she see me i just cant stop crying
And the yesterday accident, was a malay lady, wearing a long "tudung" and she can lose her temper at me. from all these people, i expected the malay lady would be calm.guess i was wrong

IT just shows that people have different personalities
And all people are not as nice as they may seems
and not as helpful as it may seems

And god, in a way just want to show me this i guess.

I was so happy doing the camping plan,thinking that i want to give back to the community, i felt so good about myself, felt so proud what im going to do, but then, BAM, i felt miserable the next.

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