Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Do u know there's this ring, that can change colour if ur emotion change? well i dont need ring to figure out mine, or anyone else would agree with me too

white is when i feel peace and serene
black is when i feel down
blue is when i feel sensitive
yellow is when i feel joyful
peach is when i feel cheeky
red is when i feel fierce
green is when i feel soothing
noen green / blue is when i feel energetic
grey is when i feel like crying
purple is when i feel energetic

this the day i feel all coulour together just mixed up.
Yesterday i help around with ayun's project and proposal. nothing much but just make out lousy work and comment bout the stupid budget report.
Even so,
yesterday i felt happy and alive. I made a whole timetable for a camp. Well i wish i can call it my camp. But its just an idea of what i feel what a camp should be, even wrote down the hours and the activities and such. But this might not be my camp. It's KLMU upcoming SIFE and GEW camp.

[i really wanna make it short. Well i join KLMU and UiTM camp from SIFE and GEW on 13th to 15th Febuary 2009. I had a blast even though people might call it lousy, i even experince the first time orang kena histeria you. And the project manager would like to do it again so i just had a n idea here and there so i scribble it down and see who knows it might work]

well i had a lot of ideas.. even so they might edit it, to improve camp of course. Even so i just like to see the upcoming events.

ok continue.. well i was happy to write down all my idea's and help ayun around till i reach home at 3.30 am. I felt tired like hell but im so happy. Even 3 hours of sleep is was more than enough for me. I felt giddy at college, suddenly i just fel so energize and talk3.

cut the story short.

i had a minor accident [ what.the.hal? kan.. dah brape kali aisyah accident ni]. Its not like i intent to break and langgar die. first. i was in the right lane. MOTORBIKE LANE IS ON THE FAR LEFT PEOPLE. I WAS IN MY FREAKING LANE. This car was a bit to close to the side, its ok i understand that she wants to turn to masuk sunway semenyih what the fuck me too la kan. then the bike in front of me like..swift abit. I suddently realise that there was sand and stones on the far left of the road. FOR GOD SAKE I TRY TO BREAK SLOW BUT THE SAND JUST CAUGHT MY TYPE. for all dont know, IM USING A SCOOTER. and scooter have a WIDE TYRE. so my tyre "eat" alot of the sand, so i fell, and I DID TRY TO TURN TO THE OTHER SIDE so i wont hit the car BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. so.. i scratch the car.

Ok i take the fauly i langgar her.
FIRST. i did not intend too
SECOND she didnt want to admit she was a bit too near to the left
THIRD the car that i hit got 2 3 cars infront of her, its not like shes turning soon, so next time STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE LEFT SIDE AS U POSSIBLY CAN. PEOPLE READ THIS AND REMIND YOURSELF
FORTHBila dah kena accident, bila keluar daripada kereta, sila jangan marah dulu boleh x. Aku bukan budak hingusan first time kena accident. Indian and Chinese dont fuss like u malay kampung la mak cik. kete kena scratch sikit pun nak bagi tahu satu kampung ke?
FIFTHsah2 mak cik ni takot dgn aku mase aku bukak mulot ok. terus menggigil tangan die.. lain kali baik2 la sikit makcik.
SIX Remind myself to cut my licence and never ask me to drive again.

before i nag too much or add in too much information. i should stop here.
thank you.


nur atiqah said...

makcik2 memangg camtu lah sya ;DD

licketysplit said...

gee sya sorry gile i was sick time tu cam high2 xdpt nk talk T_T

nah jason xkisah pon..he's "strong" kan..hahahahhaha.ohhh btw the disney blog is my asssignment. haih. have to promote companies and stuff. so go gimme nice comments k???? "your blog is informative watever ngarut stuff la hahahaa*

love u!
p/s: i'll help with the money issue. i mean i can help finding money..or at least try to.