Monday, November 3, 2008

im ok

I came to realise what i did is stupid and wrong, and i am ashamed of myself.
I am very sorry to all if i caused you trouble, and worry you
I guess i let my emotions took me.
For now i wont use my phone, maybe i retrieve my sim back tomorrow.
Actually im just using a crappy phone, which i cant call people (or people call me) cuz the speaker rosak.
(well, i baling this phone too last time)
Seriously, i need to go to an anger management programme
Or maybe i should see a psychiatrist to "fix" me up

Ayun was so patient with me, i always let him down, but he is always here beside me. Im so grateful i have a wonderful and patient boyfriend like ayun.If i were him, seriously i could not take my own attitude.

I know i am not suppose to write anything personal in blog, but i just want people to know and learn a lesson from me, NEVER do it.

like tsha said in the sms (and sha, u make cry,tau. but thanks, love u so much)

"Sya,god give us things we cant handle,no matter how hard it is. Hes just testing us,and you have to know that this is world,there are 2 types of people. to be ruled or to overruled. people who choose to listen and people who listening,it doesnt mean to hear aje, but to also apply,and improve. This world isnt about you or me je. Life is hard and maybe when you did that you feel that its the right thing to do during that time.but u have others to consider. alot of people care for u. What would happen to ur family and friends if ur gone?it wont make their life easier sya. Dont let us down,dont do stupid things. Kesian ayun tu sya, Think of him,and us if not ur family.dont u ever do that again.give it a thought..."

so yeah, now i feel bad and stupid. but most of all, i feel so guilty...

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licketysplit said...

sorry for making u cry huhu..terharu aku..but u summarized the original version didn't u!!! lol. take care sya.