Saturday, November 8, 2008


ok i cant really understand what the government is doing confusing..first of all when the petrol prices shoot up everybody lining up to the petrol station,and not to mention the line is like friggin long, then everybody voice out their "satisfactions" and all. seriously, we Malaysian are really manja. we want everything cheap, the best is free lah, kan?

i always disagreeing government subsidies so much for petrol, because it feel that the rich will get the benefits too. what about poor people who cant afford cars and only can naik bus and train? equally, i feel that the subsidies money is better to spend on making low cost houses and such. plus, i feel government should subsides more on food, because everybody will buy and eat kan? like rice, flour etc

also i think its toooooooooooo much cars in KL. sum times can stuck in the jam for hours and we malaysian are not patient enough, everybody wants to go fast and all.
seriously they should naikkan balik the petrol price so that people wont go out alot with cars.hehe

but then i kinda hate people who starting to use public transportation. last year,whenever i want to go to kl, there are not much people.. except for weekends. now, even weekdays, i feel like so lazy to go out because i know i'm going to get crammed up.. huh

but to be a malaysian, i am glad that the petrol price went down. i can isi minyak and go jalan jalan. lala

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