Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i got sore throat yesterday,light headache and a really bad cold and today i feel like wanna pengsan aje.i went to college and did my test and when i was on my way home with train, i sleep all the way, and even when i got home i sleep for another 3 hours. seriously im blur.

i havent say anything about elsa, i dont have her pictures for the moment being. nanti i snap and upload.

oh talkning about it, i got a new phone. tadaaa..

as usuall i did not buy the phone, kak jackie gave this phone to me. She bought this phone in singapore, and too think she give me her N82 (that shes using now) *ehem* im deraming on.maybe i should lost this phone..maybe she might.. ohh aisyah please stop thinking mengarut.

now all i could think off in my head is demam demam demam. i should not think of it, i feel much better after a lovely bath just now.
oh well.
should i go out tonight?

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