Saturday, March 14, 2009


In a few days time i will be 21. And i think this year, my birthday will suck.

My mum is not talking to me since the day i told that my handbag is missing,she said that she had given up hopes on me. and im not talking to her too.its her choice. And if i say sorry it doesnt make any difference

Im 21 but i felt like i stuck in a kids feelings. When i was a kid i felt such an adult because i already felt alot of feelings, like depression and loneliness.

On my birthday [monday 16march] i'll be doing my ic. This is the 6th time. pathetic huh.

Im trying my best to finish up the proposal,and on monday too i'll go to ayun's college and bentang proposal. Im not sure they (ayuns friends) are going to do practical joke on me like trowing tepung and telur (ayun kena on his birthday) all ....i want on my birthday i just a small party. Its been years i've had a party with my friends, always with my family , ayun or no one at all

Its depressing talking about this. I cant even buy cupcakes for myself for my birthday!

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