Thursday, March 26, 2009

this is my blog

My blog is just depressing, just full of sad shits and angry words.
My blog is like my diary now.

I've done proposal for the camp. Finally!
I already send it to KLMU's SIFE leader, fareez. he will alter it abit,
and then submit. But at the same time we're going to do marketing.
And fareez have this vision of 150 students will join. its like..alot

We had some pretty cool new ideas for the camp, dodgeball is one of it. Fareez came out with the idea. I think he went to a seminar, or a meeting and met the dodge ball Malaysian association or something, im not quite sure about how he met the dodge ball team.

I felt like crying. haha seriously. I feel so sad,remembering back about some stuff.
Like amy was fucked up angry with me because i used her laptop. And she wont me bring her laptop anywhere. So i had to delay the proposal.And not to mention have to push back the date to a later time.

Someone asked me, why am i doing this project, my name is not there anyway, im just using ayun's name, and later ayun will get all the credit.
Its like this, ayun's college have this club called SIFE (Student In Free Enterprise) and when i went to the camp i met the KLMUC's Sife president (Fareez). and then i got interested.Now my college is small to start up the club,moreover my college is just like short course and part times students.

Now i decided to do this project, more of copy and paste, the camp. Same site, mostly same activities, althought we do add
more exciting activities. And what the hell im busying my ass of doing this project?
just 1 thing:

Self accomplishment.

I felt so good, so happy that i am finally doing something, but still my family, and my lecturers, think i am wasting my time. maybe, but not for me. This is what i want to do, i focus with all my heart and energy to do this, and hopefully it might work out. I never felt so energize in my life doing something.
And i am sad. I feel happy and i feel sad, both at the same time.
Happy because im finally doing something right in my life
And sad because my family dont see it that way.
Still, i dont need to prove to them in anything
I am just going to do this, for myself. For my only self and not for anyone else.

Haha but i cant do all of it alone, i do need some help from other people... what i mean is that, the proposal, i did the proposal by myself.

yeah whatever. i just follow the flow.

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