Thursday, March 5, 2009

nothing new

since febuary i've been

-I've skipped 2 weeks of classes
-I've been sick
-I've been feeling like shit again
-Trying my best to be better
-Doing sudoku
-Reading The Lore of Light so i can have a little bit of faith again
-Selling dockers wallet
-Got a seller wanted to buy ten but i think its a scam
-gaduh dgn ayun when my intention is good
-keep a secret from ayun and i cry in front of him cuz i cant tell him
-my sister was like being possessed, keep on being mad at me [but it figures,it does always happen,and i just try my best to be patient]
-weekend is so boring
-staying at home gives me nothing but headache's
-a internet freak again cuz i dont know what do to
-feeling a little bit lost&confused again

gah. so nothing else is new.

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