Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pieces of my life

I like to fantasize alot, most of my life is day dreaming. In my earlier years, i always dream that i'd be in better place, what i'd be like if i have another parents, what i wasnt born. hah sound depressing lol
well i'm still dreaming about it, thinking about it, if only my parents gave me away, maybe i'll be better off, even tho right now i;d curse my parents for giving me away.

I'm dreaming now, to have my own car, to drive around and travel. When i went back to Terengganu, i almost cried. I never knew i;d miss it so much, the wind, gently blow my hair, even though it;s "serabut", but i like it. i will always love the beach. Part of my life, and most of my life, i would like to spend it on traveling. driving, flying, walking, sight seeing, all i would love to do. sometimes i just wish im taller and prettier so i can be a stewardess. so i can visit the 7-wonders of the world, see paris, go to anywhere and everywhere.

but this is, just a dream. a dream that i must pursue one day. a dream that i'd hold on until i'll get it.

oh yeah, i also dream that i'd study in UK, seriously im jealous my friends went there to study.huh. i wish my parents is rich. hah. dreaming again.

i'm going to take it the hard way, i wanna work on weekends, next semester i'd only take 3 subjects, and this time i'm going to do it properly. im going to study really hard, and play around less. im going to catch my dream, one step at a time.

when the time comes, i'll leave. i'll leave
everything behind, except for my dreams. Then
i'll fly, fly high to blue sky, and i'll never look back.

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