Saturday, December 13, 2008

sex drug and clubs

ok i steal the title from youth discussion.

Sex is ok, but random sex is so wrong,
Drugs is never ok unless for medical purpose (like people with cancer)
and clubs is ok if youth behave

Seriously, day by day we get things out of hand. Problems from families, and run away to club to have fun, take drugs to forget problems and tomorrow just wakeup with some random chick or random guy beside. GROSS. seriously, we youth are not responsible, hello, AIDS is on the high rise in Malaysia, and girls, we can easily get HPV.
Responsibilities. One you got it, you can never turn back. And most of us just, forget about responsibilities, we usually just follow our heart. ANd most of the time, its stupid and wrong

I;m stupid and wrong too.remember the drugs i took, yeah i got high and wanting to kill myself, what if i'd kill myself, *sigh*, i havent see the wonders of the world yet.

My friend just recently went to UK, and he's from a rich but religious family, and now i heard he's clubbing and drinking. sucks, it hurts to see him. If i had a chance to go to UK, i seriously just dont get into trouble. I'd be so glad my parents can send me there. He just dont realise he's so lucky to get a chance to go there, enjoy life and life life to the fullest. Instead, he waste it

I know another girl, she's from a very rich family, and she have a heart failure or something. Even when she's a baby, the doctor had to operate her heart in order to keep her alive. and she drink. seriously if she's my friend i would slap her. She's just wasting her time, if she just want to die faster i can help her.Like i stab her with a knife or something. TO hear her she's taking drugs and alcohol, it's just sad.

And rich daughter and son are MOSTLY like this. Ada problem sikit, then turn to pills, alcohol, clubs, sex

And this rich buggers starting to irritate me.

Like, seriously

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