Thursday, December 25, 2008

yeah,its christmas baby

I never knew that blogspot have this setting so only bloggers can view my blog, from now on, no more pengacau reading and reporting. yahoo (thanks to tg.aishah for telling me.syg mu )

my friend, tg aishah came over and stayed , and i think she's bored with me =( cuz seriously im not a very good entertainer, unless if ayun's around. boo to myself.

Today i went out to my uncle's (uncle Alfred) place and celebrate christmas and i went to Uncle Paul's place. I ate at uncle Alfred but not at Uncle Paul. Every year we usually celebrate at Uncle Alfred's place, and when i went to Uncle paul's place, i became so blur because i didnt know anyone, including uncle paul. Even thought we are related ( i think) i cant even find a piece of my memory seeing his face, and i played Black Jack and i win 3 bucks. yipee.

Right now im tired and i really wanna see Ayun. What's with him that i'm so addicted to see him every single day *sigh*

*i'l edit later cuz nak mandi and cant wait to see my sayangness*

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