Monday, December 22, 2008


Sometimes, i like to have my own privacy, from my family. i hate it when someone check my history so to know where i've surf the internet. Dont you just hate this kind of people in your family? not that they just invade my privacy, but even tell my mum about it. if my sister is ok, she doesnt really make a big fuss about it, but yeah, penyibuk always be penyibuk

i got my thumb terkepit with the car door less then two months ago, the day i got high. and its growing so slowly..........seriously.if you can see the picture of my thumb below, you'll see the obvious yellow colour nail. i can actually take it out because its like double layer, but i didnt want too because its still attached to my nail. lol.. what am i blabbing about i also dont know

i had a trip to PD with my college, and it was fun, i cant really tell much about it, because im scared the penyibuk will read, and tell my mum, and its a sad think dont u think. tsk2. my blog is like a private thing which i have to keep it to myself now. i'll figure out a way for the penyibuk not to read.maybe delte my history for this blog. we'll see how it goes. anyone of you have facebook? i upload loads and loads of picture in facebook, and you'll get the idea how fun the trip is. muiiiyeee. i wish i have my own laptop, so people wont bug to see my history *sigh*

my bestfriend tengku aishah maybe staying over at my place tonight and tomorrow night, see how it goes lah, maybe we're going for christmas shopping(when i say this, i mean that she shops alone XP i'm broke).tee hee hee. i thought of like going to melaka for the new year but im not hoping about it, im scared i might not have enuf money....hurm....

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nur atiqah said...

pity u
heh,im like scared too to write anything like private & keep to myself
but wtf
its my blog
& this is your blog ryte
whore cares about other people?
thats me lah
hee :D