Monday, December 8, 2008


well im bored today, i completely waste my time sleeping. i slept around 12.30am, and woke up around 11am. and its raining so i slept again at 2pm or so, then wakeup at 5.30pm. tsk tsk. too much sleep dont u think?

Today nothing, even thought its hari raya korban i feel there is nothing to do. No one to stop by at our house anyway,
im used to it, even in raya. Relatives are mostly chinese, so why bother to come and eat meat, they cant eat meat.

Going back to Terengganu was so much fun. I met all buddies, laugh,jokes and talk about stuff. then i visit the beach and stuff.. gosh i wish i stayed longer. but its rainy season so it wouldnt be much fun. i wish to go back during the middle next year and enjoy the sun. funny huh, i should get use to the rainy cold whether if i wanna go study in UK.

Friday is my appointment for working during the weekend job. I hope i just, you know, stick to this job longer. some more can work in kajang, shouldt be much of a problem, i hope

next semester im going to take 3 subjects. 3 subjects so i can cope, and hope i can concentrate and not fall apart like this year.

smoking, so far its been a week i haven't smoke, but i do cheat abit. i smoke only abit, itu pun with ayun consent. and, i really miss it. like seriously, i know its unhealthy, and ayun kept saying i put cigarettes as my first priority, but he know its not true.bleh. i have to stop for good. but now i feel like a drug addict. like i really want to smoke but i cant. i have to stop

so thats it for mind is rusty today because i havent do much thinking today, i've been so bored because i just still at home, sleep and laze around

i do think my blog is a bit boring because i keep saying about me aje. not like i need to talk bout other people, just that my life is abit.. well, colourful in away, but mostly dull

i wanna be stronger and better, for myself and my life

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licketysplit said...

hahah.i dont see much difference in our blogs =)
i talk about myself too hahahaha. if you tell me its selfish. then we are selfish people! i don't care anyway. wawawa. love u sya.