Friday, December 26, 2008

boring lah

Yesterday i went for the training for the January job, and they give me a shirt that is quite fit, i think i really have to lose weight from now. it's terrible, im having double chin now..muiyee

After the training i went to see ayun (= and we didnt do nothing much, didnt even watch movie, i didnt have the mood. Plus i was sweating and all, and i was quite cranky. sorry sayang. My mum and my sister went to watch Australia in midvalley, and i didnt join them. Anyway dinner was at pavi, i ate the laksa and then we bought donuts, ok now im donut-crazee. i want to go there another time and eat there, hee.

I remember to promise my friends to buy them donuts if ever i got MARA loan, but sadly i didnt get it..

ok im so blur and my mind is not working straight.heh

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