Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tomorrow at 3pm.
Im not too proud of saying im going for counseling treatment, instead i feel dreadful if anyone know, it's like im crazy or sumthing, like im going to rehab.

But it does help alot. finally i have somebody to talk to, where i can tell about everything, and hide nothing. and i feel much better. i havent feel like much of smoking today, maybe partly because my tonsil is going again.lol

i had a talk with mum saying i really wanna go to study in UK. She of course support of my idea, but she really like me to go to US. Thats remind me of, she's trying to get my cousin's friends email so i can get to know them, she's trying to "pasang" me with one of them. Its crazy, my cousin is already is 30 plus if im not mistaken, even tho he's staying in California, *ehem, maybe exception if he have a celebraty friend XP* but my mum is like so into the idea, she even call my aunt and talk about this and all. its kinda embarrassing lol. im only 20 still...

bleh.right now i wanna concentrate one thing at a time..
studies, relationship, time and money

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licketysplit said...

i didnt knw abt that ponnn...
btw..goodluck sya =D
now im proud of u