Thursday, January 1, 2009


seriously, i dont care if my own family is reading my blog and report to my mum.That person will be childish in a way for me, because suke jaga tepi kain orang.

I'm friggin sad because this year i DID NOT CELEBRATE NEW YEAR ANYWHERE. like last year was in sunway lagoon.this year tot of going to MOS (Ministry Of Sound) but x kesampaian. Then the bf ditch the gf and went to Ulu Yam. Gosh seriously the i feel "frust menonggeng"

I seriously have to get myself on my two feet again. Im going well with the counselling (thank god) and hopefully 2009 will be a good year for me, 2007 and 2008 leave me alot of damage (even tho kebanyakan datang daripada perbuatan sendiri) Yes im being pathetic.

I got a work for the whole January until 1st Febuary (did i post this part already?)

I ask the bf to bring me to MOS for my birthday,he said "Insyallah" WTH. he said that because i ask him to bring me to a club?? O_o... and for his birthday (kenapa la bday kite selang 6 hari je) i tot of doing something really special, Insyallah (now this is a right phrase to use). i have some ideas in mind but i keep it to myself. hehe

I didnt get any Christmas present this yeaar =( but its ok, Kak Jackie bought myself a phone. haha. technically the phone is my Christmas present, an early one

I wanted to write ablog about how i felt about my past, but im too tired too think to much.It is already 1.30 am, and my mum wants me to get up at 9am to fix the bike (yeah right. more like i cabut lari to i dont believe myself can get up at 9am nowadays)

Damn i feel like wanna smoke again.gagagagaga.

Oh yeah, i really wanna save money and buy myslef a EOS camera. what do u think. i can click2. Which reminds me of...

Mum is going to leave soon, to US again. As much as i want to follow, well i cant, i already extending myself another semester,and after that i can go to US. but then i have to get ready for things, cuz i might be going to UK next, as fast as i can find a sponsor for me , just to pay for my education fees will be fine.

When mum leaves Malaysia, i will leave my house. Not like running away, just rent a room some where and layan blues. I'll come back if i dun have classes and work. I think K.mel and A.Im need space too. So i dun want to intrude them you see

And when i finish my papers, im thinking of doing ACCA straight. But then, not sure also because if i fail any papers i have to pusing balik and repeat. So i tot wanna holiday in US, and maybe haunt Kak Rose to buy me an EOS there or something. Cheaper and better than Malaysia. Rosak boleh tukar baru, plus i miss shopping in US. But then,,studies studies and studies comes first. I already missed out 2 years of my life, why should i miss more? I should just go straight to ACCA after i finish my papers..but US trip is a real tempting one y' know...

whateve lah.Just wait fot the right time and see whatever decision i make =DD

ok im going to sleep before i'll be looking like a panda in the morning

i cant wait too see the bf esok. Dah la dia x bawak org ke Ulu Yam ( lg teruk, x inform langsung) then x bawak sya ke MOS, then 1st jan pun x kuar dgn sya. *sobbbbbb*

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