Monday, January 12, 2009


Shit day today.
I supposely to go do my ic licence bla3
but mum had other priorities. like, getting a tenent for my sister's apartment
so i had to go there there and entertain some people
actaully it was suppose to be my sisters job but she had to take care of her baby
so i was like , well to say im kinda suck if i want to be a Realtor agent.
anyway still got cut deal with a german guy and quite good rent money like previous owner

then went to my other sisters house in putra height...then my sister and my mum went arguing about this and then, i had to get out from the house because too much tension (im still feeling the tension,maybe i should take a shower) senang cerita, we lepak there and we got to go some other places and all then balik2 je dah pukul 8 lebih

and i still havent do anything today. im like a goat today, following around.
Its ok, i mean, of course i hate to be a goat, but then i got to take care of else, and i got some pocket money from kak jackie..

but today my classmates were going to do a discussion about paper 3 and 4 which i've not yet sit for the exam.. and too tell u its frustrationg to waste a whole day today. plus i have work on weekends and stuff so its kinda like i dont have time for anything.i give u some scenario

scenario number 1: afternoon class(1.30)
i wake up at 10, get ready, leave at 12 , go to college, its either on time or a little bit early so i can have lunch, and then class finish at 5, dad pick me up at 5.30, reach home at 6.30 then have dinner then daze around then sleep late-late

scenario neumber 2: morning class
i have to wake up at 6am, go with my dad (we leave at 6.45) then pick up some passengers, then bla3 sampai kat lrt bangsar at 8.30 then go to class at 10. if im early i can have breakfast. then at noon after class i have appointment with my shrink at 2 pm.( this week la, next week x tau lagi) then met my dad some where around 5 then go home reach at 6.30 then still daze around and sleep early (because i wake up early)

and during weekend, i work. i have off on monday but its not for long, and bleh i hate it, no time at all to do anything, tomorrow have to wake up early cuz have to teman my sis go to some cosway seminar or things like that

blah. buat next week ajalah. grrrrrrrrrr

(aisyah is kinda pissed off. sorry)
(she sorry too she babble nonsense too much)

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