Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wallet gone missing

Gah. typical me. I lost my wallet and i cant find where it is.. I even clean up my room to find my wallet but i cant find it anywhere. geez.

Yesterday i went out with my friends, Yes ayun is along, and we went to pavillion and i bought donuts, for Nuar since his birthday is on the 1st Jan and i didnt see him during his birthday. So i feel bad and bought him donuts. =D
After shisha and hangout i went back quite early,around 10.30 we left. by the time i got home, its around 11.20pm or sumthing like that (can u believe it, i came back early...!!)

So i took out my wallet to pay for the tolls, and then i thought i put back my wallet inside my small stupid bag. Ayun send me back to my house and we were saying goodbye(our goodbye includes alot of kissing and looking like a silly young couple who cant get their eyes off each other). I dont really know if i may have dropped the wallet when i exit the car.. if so then i dont think i'll be able to see the wallet again. I was tired to notice that the wallet its not in my bag. when i came back i place my bag on the couch, then i went online for a while then i went to the kitchen to keep the donuts for mum and amy then i went up straight to bed.

the funny thing is, i regularly check my wallet and my phone before i go to bed. but i didnt bother to check yesterday and it gone missing. tensionnnnnnnnnnnnn

This morning i wokeup and realise my wallet is not around.huh mengamuk la. jeez. if this time its really lost then its the 5th time i'll be making a new ic. and i like the previous photo on my ic. ceria je. bile eksiden muke masam polis pun gelak2 tgk i was smiling ear-to-ear on my ic.

what luck. then again. i hate losing things. especially my wallet. count this as.. like 100000000000000000000000000000th time i lost my things. !@#$%^&*()

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licketysplit said...

omg. i thought we just had this conversation abt trying to be more careful with our wallet kot. this is so teruk to be true kot sya. kesian mu =(