Tuesday, January 6, 2009


started today. serious lah i need to get up my act together and really do my best to finish everything off this semester. know why? cuz i cant wait to finish it all off. it would be abit heavy, 5subject.but hey..its the same in UiTM anyway, i took 5 or 6 subject, why i cant do it now, yeah everyday got class, and i cant be with ayun much now, maybe once a week. most is twice, depending on my class lah.

he said it would be meaningful if we see each other now and then. much more meaningful he says.And i cant work since class is packed. and i also have to take this english-classes every fortnight, weekends or a whole day. if the class on saturday meaning i only free on sunday.since i cant find any money from doing any jobs,i just have to korek here and there in order to "survive". hopefully i get half from kak jackie and half from mummy and some from papa. i hope.

im watching grey'a anatomy while im typing..Sometimes its so cool to be a medical doctor, to treat rare disease or cases, although at times it is not like that in real life. real life is more gore, and gross.

When i came back from home, there were alot of guys hanging behind my house,also lots of car and bikes. My sister told me that they caught a guy in a house, he broke into a house and the penduduk kepung the house. Turns out that he's a drug addict and there's 4 of them. they already caught 2 guys, meaning there is another 2 guys on the lose. This story might not be accurate so when i know the full information i'll post. oh and my neighbor even told us that they got knifes. they caught one of the guy with dogs and they were police all around.

so yeah its scary. but i have to wake up early tomorrow.. i do hope that this two druggies dont come into my house. funny. i thought my house is secure enough, with the guards and the fence and the neighbour being so nosy, and yet, this is happening. it just proves that,there's no safe place in the world. even if you build a panic room or something. i even myself think now that even talented burglars rob in exclusive place like country heights. i think.
now im scaring my ass out.

yesterday ayun and i went hangout for a while, and lately he's a bit sensitive because he had a little too much problem around him.and i try to be a good sport and stay around. i wish too. i wish i can help him around as much as i can. when he send me back, i cried and began talking nonsense about my family..

and now he's happily hanging with his friends. i have no comment because i am angry.

so now its time for bed. 11.23 pm already.

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