Tuesday, January 13, 2009

used to.

I used to have alot of friends
i wonder if they still remembers me
Im browsing thru myspace and only a few keep on commenting me
and it kinda hurts
i used to have alot of friends
and we have fun
they listen to my problems ad i listen to theirs

now i wonder where they go
am i at fault?i seems pretty much think so, because i left them without notice
and when im back they seems to be unwilling
i dont know them anymore,like i used too
they dont know me like they used too
they dont miss me while im gone

friends come and go, but then i cherish them in my heart
i have alot of friends
if i screw up im sorry
please let me ment things up

we have a cup of coffee on me,and we chat like we used too
i miss you.

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